Controller Services

Strong financial management is critical to the growth of any business, be it a small domestic company or a start-up foreign subsidiary. 

Konni brings valuable experience to support you as the virtual controller of your business. She will organize an effective accounting and finance function and actively support you in managing your growing business.

Controller Services include:

  • registration with federal, state and local agencies
  • compliance with sales tax, property tax, and other government regulations
  • administration of your bank acocunts, if desired
  • management of company cash flows
  • assistance with employee issues, such as mileage reimbursements & travel guidelines
  • developing budgets & forecasts with regular reviews against actual results
  • reporting to home office for subsidiaries


We recommend that you use a certified payroll service to administer your payroll.  These companies take over the fiduciary responsibility for your payroll tax filings.

Accounting Focus can assist you in selecting a payroll service and with posting your payroll.