What customers say about us:

We needed an experienced and dependable professional to handle our financial matters. The support we've received has allowed us to substantially re-direct our attention towards true business objectives because we can count on Konni to take care of our financial processes.         

Steve Akridge, President of Borderhawk, LLC

Konni Reinker was instrumental in reconciling three years' worth of QuickBooks data to our bank acocunts and credit cards. She looked for additional business deductions, but also recommended changes to make our business more compliant with tax regulations. 

Ricardo Hein, President of Conexco, Inc.

Customers to call:

  • Steve Akridge, Borderhawk   678-521-6151
  • Ricardo Hein, Conexo    678-806-0131
  • Juergen Zirnstein, Bilstein   270-908-4936
  • Linda Gay France, ATN Hoelzel  423-244-0291
  • Bernard Vanderlande, Tula International  404-543-2835 
  • Bhavna Wang, Hunter Liberty Corporation  404-414-3045
  • Patricia Ortega, MHT USA  404-835-1140